About Clayton Bank

Guiding Principles



At Clayton Bank – our Passion is “We Give Back” – not just by investing in our communities but partnering with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and you to accomplish your dreams.

Clayton Bank is nimble, focused on your needs, and will utilize our 125 plus years of experience to find a solution that works for our Clients.

Our Bank has been built on its rich history from a small, rural West Tennessee town to a vibrant, profitable and growing $800 million bank with the Clayton name who never forgot his roots as a sharecropper’s son.

Jim Clayton, the entrepreneur and founder of Clayton Homes, has learned and earned throughout his life and now is returning to his communities by investing and giving back to those that have given him so much. Jim’s vision is for all profits of Clayton Bank to be distributed to the Clayton Family Foundation to carry on his dream of investing and giving back to the communities in which Jim loves and has worked and lived.


  1. Reputation is Paramount
    1. Years to Build – Minutes to Destroy
    2. Keep Agreements
  2. Client and Team Focused
    1. Exceed Expectations
    2. Contribute Value
    3. Whatever it Takes
  3. Deliver Results
    1. Be Accountable
    2. Follow up
    3. Consistent
  4. Collaborate
    1. 90/10 to find Best solution
    2. Transparency – Eliminate Surprises
    3. Direct Communication – Just Say It
  5. Find a Better Way
    1. Always Improving
    2. Embrace Change – Flexible