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Clayton Bank
Mike Callaghan, Managing Partner, Four Leaf Properties
(Quote from E-mail, January 2013)

"Clayton Bank has always been willing and eager to help us grow our business. Having amazing Clayton Bank support has been a rewarding and meaningful experience and Four Leaf wouldn’t be where we are without you guys. Please extend my best wishes to Jim as well."
Nicholas G. Cazana, Commercial & Investment Properties
(Quote from E-mail, December 31, 2012)

"Three years ago today, almost to the hour, we closed on the Holiday Inn. Without question, it had to be one of the most protracted closings that I have ever been involved in. This transaction would not have been completed without Clayton Bank’s support. At no time in the last 3 years has anyone wavered over stepping forward and lending assistance to anything we needed at the property. In my 40 years of development experience this has been without question the most exciting project I have ever been involved with, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to create this project."
(Quote from E-mail, December, 2012)

"We are very appreciative of the investment that you’ve made in us over time. We don’t forget the folks who’ve helped us in the early days and through the toughest times. When some of our lenders were trying to wrestle a noose around our necks, you/Clayton Bank did not abandon our interests.

Our own story has an interesting first few chapters (figuratively speaking) including almost going bankrupt while in law school and then recovering quite handsomely. Clayton Bank has its place in that story as one of the few banking relationships that stood by us."
Jamie Mason, Owner, Sun Tan City
(featured in Knoxville Business Journal, December 2011)

“The toughest part of any business has to be that first year,” Jamie Mason says. “I paid cash for my first two stores because no one was lending. Clayton loaned us the money after that. They believed in us. They gave us that first break. -- Full story

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